Burst Throttling on AWS API Gateway Explained

web One nice feature of AWS API Gateway is that you can configure or Throttle the Burst (requests) and Rate (requests per second). The first time I looked at that it was not really clear to me how the Burst (requests) throttling works.

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Upload Files Directly to Amazon S3 using ColdFusion

coldfusion Here's a quick example showing how to upload a file directly to Amazon S3 (bypassing your server). The tricky part in getting this to work is that you don't want to allow anyone to upload a file anywhere on your S3.

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Use Amazon SimpleDB for Free

databases Amazon has announced a new pricing tier today for their web services based distributed database engine SimpleDB. They have lowered storage price by 83% ($0.25/gb/month), and added a free usage tier.

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did you hack my cf?