ColdFusion returning empty response with server-error: true

coldfusion I see this issue catch a lot of people, and it got me today. If you have a file /api/test.cfm on ColdFusion 10 or greater it might not work due to ColdFusion's REST implementation controlling the /api or /rest URIs.

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Facebook API Now Requires Review for user_friends Permission

web Looking at the Facebook Developer API documentation yesterday, I noticed a subtle change in the permissions that they give to developers without review on the graph API. Somewhere between March 21 and March 28th 2018 they removed unreviewed access to the user_friends permission.

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ColdFusion's Builtin Enterprise Security API

coldfusion One of the nice side effects to installing the latest ColdFusion security hotfix is that ColdFusion 8 and ColdFusion 9 now both include the jar files for the OWASP ESAPI or Enterprise Security API.

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Salesforce API HasOptedOutOfEmail INVALID_FIELD

web I was doing some consulting work for a client using the API with ColdFusion I was getting the following error:

INVALID_FIELD: SELECT HasOptedOutOfEmail, Email, FirstName ^ ERROR at Row:1:Column:8 No such column 'HasOptedOutOfEmail' on entity 'Contact'.

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PostalMethods - Web Service for Snail Mail

coldfusion I just noticed PostalMethods a new SOAP web service / API for sending snail mail via the US Postal Service. This service is from the folks at InterFax who have a nice web service for sending Faxes as well.

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How to Design a Good API and Why it Matters

coldfusion java misc Joshua Bloch has a good presentation outline called How to Design a Good API and Why it Matters. Joshua is a Principal Software Engineer for Google, before that an architect in Sun's Core Java Platform Group (he designed several of the standard java API's). Josh also wrote Effective Java.

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REST vs SOAP Web Services

web I am seeing a lot of new web services are implemented using a REST style architecture these days rather than a SOAP one. Lets step back a second and explain what REST is.

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FeedBurner Awareness API

web FeedBurner is introducing their Feed Awareness API. If you have a free account with FeedBurner you can get your feed circulation (number of subscribers), and number of hits on your feed using their REST api.

If you have a pro account you can get item, and resyndication data from the API.

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Textamerica MoBlog Developer API

misc Textamerica has released their new developer api for mobloggers. They are also giving a $500 prize to the first 20 applications (with source code) which we deem to be the most useful to the Textamerica Community as a whole.

The first example app is a Textamerica4j by David Czarneck.

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API Blog

web I am now a contributer to the API Blog.

My most recent post is about the 43 Things Web Service that was just released.

If you haven't checked out 43 Things it's a pretty cool web site where you can share info about common goals you have.

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Google Code

linux misc Google has launched a new site called Google Code it is Google's place for Open Source software.

Right now all the projects listed are mostly C/C++, with one Python project.

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Amazon Context Specific Recommendations

books web You may have noticed in the last few weeks I have had something at the bottom of my posts called Related Books Beta. Let me explain how I did that.

I play around a lot with Amazon web services (have you seen my site to find amazon deals?).

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