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More new products at CFDEV


Some aggregators picked up an old post of mine about new products but the funny thing is I actually do have some new products to tell you about. The problem was caused because I was importing some posts from my old blog, and I messed up on the date for that one.

We released ActivEdit 4.0 for ColdFusion. For those of you not aware, ActivEdit is a WYSIWYG HTML Editor that runs in your browser (replaces a textarea). Some of the new features in 4.0 include XHTML support, improved style sheet integration, active content updates, there are several more that you can read about on our site.

The second product is Camtasia Studio 2 we actually don't make this product, but we are reselling it at a 10% discount. Camtasia Studio is an awesome tool for creating Flash tutorials. Basically it records your computer screen, and you can dub audio over it. The program outputs AVI's or SWF's. Check out some tutorials we have made with the tool.

Note: I no longer work for CFDEV

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More new products at CFDEV was first published on November 30, 2003.

FuseGuard Web App Firewall for ColdFusion

The FuseGuard Web Application Firewall for ColdFusion & CFML is a high performance, customizable engine that blocks various attacks against your ColdFusion applications.