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Blocking .svn and .git Directories on Apache or IIS


One of the issues that our HackMyCF ColdFusion Server Scanner checks for is the existence of public .git/ or .svn/ directories. Exposing these directories to the public could lead to information disclosure, such as your server side source code.

Blocking .svn and .git Directories on Apache

Just add the following to your .htaccess or httpd.conf file:

RedirectMatch 404 (?i)\.git
RedirectMatch 404 (?i)\.svn

Or if you want to block all hidden directories (probably not a bad idea) you can do this:

RedirectMatch 404 (?i)/\..+

Blocking on IIS

On IIS7+ you can use the awesome request filtering feature to accomplish this, the most appropriate way to do this would probably be with the hiddenSegement feature. You can do this using the GUI or in your web.config file as follows:

               <add segment=".git" />
               <add segment=".svn" />

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Blocking .svn and .git Directories on Apache or IIS was first published on October 15, 2013.

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