Announcing Web Application Firewall for ColdFusion

July 09, 2007

I'm proud to announce a Web Application Firewall for ColdFusion, a new product that I have been working on. This product detects malicious requests (such as SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, etc) and then logs, filters, or blocks the request.

The firewall is written in CFML so you can easily use it with existing ColdFusion applications by including the firewall with a CFINCLUDE in your Application.cfm. You can also write your own filter by creating a CFC and adding it to the configuration.

There is still more work to be done on this product, but it should be ready "soon". If you are interested in beta testing please contact me. In addition, be sure to add your email address here for release date notification.

Update: the Web Application Firewall for ColdFusion has been released!

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I'd like to beta test (and review on the blog too).
I would like to be in the beta too.
Sure, I will contact you guys when I have the beta ready.
Pete - why would you use this over something like mod_security (assuming you have Apache)? Have you seen the rulesets maintained by the guys? It's a lot of serious work to stay up on top of things (depending on your scope).
Brian - I see some advantages to having the web application firewall run from within the ColdFusion web application, rather than in an outside layer. It gives your ColdFusion applications the ability to communicate with the firewall directly. This might be handy for instance if you have determined in your own code that an IP is malicious, you could very easily add that to a temp block list at runtime. So you can have a dynamically configured firewall. Also I think the biggest advantage is that it makes it really easy to install, you don't need administrator access to install it (like you would with mod_security), so it could be used on shared hosts, etc. Another advantage is that you can write your rules in CFML, which is nice! So I think mod_security has its place, and it's a great product. I think this product may meet the needs of a different group of people. I would say - use both if you can.
I'd be very interested in beta testing this product.
Is this really a firewall or does it only see requests that come over port 80?
Gary it is a web application firewall for ColdFusion, so it only sees requests that are destined for your ColdFusion Application. So if your web app is running on port 80, then yes it will inspect those, if it's 443 then it will inspect those.
Pete - If you need a beta tester for an intranet (cfmx 7), I would like to test your software.
Hi Pete, Is the web application firewall ready for beta? I was going to write something to prevent SQL injection, but if you the ready, I would like to test it. Thanks, Sumit
Bump... Any updates on when this product or beta might be available?
Any news on the firewall, Pete? It's needed now as much as ever. :-) That said, as others have noted, there are solutions that are generic (usually specific to a given web server). I list several of them at I've also added a link to your tool, Pete. Hope it works out well for you.
Just posting a comment to let everyone know that the product is now on sale:

Foundeo Inc.