Amazon S3 Storage Engine for MySQL

March 12, 2007

I got an email today from O'Reilly today about the MySQL Conference (coming up at the end in April), it looks like a pretty good conference, but one of the sessions caught my eye. It was called A Storage Engine for Amazon S3.

Amazon's S3 is a web apt-oriented storage service, making storage available to both ordinary HTTP browsers and to sophisticated applications via SOAP and REST interfaces. Learn how useful it is to make this storage accessable to MySQL users via a plug-in storage engine.

I did some quick googling but I couldn't find the plugin, so I am guessing that it will be released at the conference. Anyone have a link?

This gets interesting when combine this with Amazon EC2, because you are not charged for bandwidth from within amazon's network, and you are connected to S3 on a fast network.

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...this is really cool. Thanks for the heads up, Pete, and keep us posted. I'd be interested in using this.
That plugin is my project, and yes, I'll be releasing it at the conference.
Can't wait Mark! Is there a URL for the project that I can link to yet?
I'm the author/presenter for the mysql s3 storage engine. I've just made my first public release of it, it's at
@Mark Atwood "I'm the author/presenter", "That plugin is my project" - WTF? Just showing off! Nothing but boasting. First make a real working plugin which really works. // greetings from Norway

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