Adobe Has a Account

August 22, 2006

Thanks Rich at the basement for pointing out that Adobe has a account.

So is this really Adobe's account or is it just someone who is pretending to be Adobe (All you'd have to do is register with that username)?

The account was created in January, but it looks like it has been used pretty heavily since April.

I would like to see some more links on ColdFusion currently there are only 3.

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What is the reason J2EE is leading the market over ColdFusion MX? It could be not of much meaning to a veteran of ColdFusion MX but the reply could have more sensible started for my career in ColdFusion MX.
Hi, It is indeed Adobe's account. Regards, David Adobe
... and just in case you're feeling on the skeptical side today, then I can vouch that David's legit too.... ;-) Here are some mentions of the account from Jen deHaan and John Nack back in May: (Pranshu, modern ColdFusion <em>is</em> Java, just a more efficient way of accessing it.) jd
... might be i have raised my comments out of the place of discussion... but my only concern is to ask a CFMX veteran .Why is JSP (J2EE) is a market leading technology inspite CFMX provides developer more efficient way to access java.....Please if can provide me any inputs it will be great help....;-) :-)
My responses aren't getting past the spam filters, but first define the metric you're using for your label, then pursue it in a "CF vs whatever" discussion, and you'll likely get more nibbles.

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did you hack my cf?