Deal Shopping Sites Roundup

November 18, 2005

If you're like me, every year you plan on doing your holiday shopping online, but wait too long, and end up in the mall on Christmas Eve. Well now is a pretty good time to do your online shopping without paying high shipping costs to ensure your stuff arrives on time.

As many of you probably know I maintain the deal shopping site called SpendFish, so I keep a close eye on other deal sites. Here's a collection of some of the best deal sites:

Deal Shopping Sites

Are there any other deal sites that are worthwhile that I'm missing?

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Comments - for monitoring Canadian deals dealworld has a network of 15 dealsites
Got to add in You can buy online or see sales circulars for stores in your zip code
For deals, in addition to a couple you've already mentioned, I follow: More Stuff 4 Less Bargain Blog TechBargains But for strictly cool stuff, deals or no, I also read: Cool Hunting Strange New Products is a search engine for deals (with RSS and some personalization features) - always exclusive internet deals
How about Froogle ( I also have used bigwords ( for purchasing books, music, and movies. Although, I think that they also do supplies and games now.
Great list... I use many of those sites too. Another site that has great deals:
how about Have deals automatically show up while you are shopping.
I like
I have been searching for more of this type of site - Here is what I found WWW.SNAPGONE.COM WWW.STEEPANDCHEAP.COM WWW.MIDNIGHTBOX.COM
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Happy to see these lists, make it easy to shop.. here's my 1 cent household items are great here
Dear Pete Freitag, your site is really great, able to see the best books from the site for better price...great job.. jj keeps it simple. is good, i clicked almost all the links from and compared with lowest price, almost it matches for all products from
http://www.dealrabbit is another deal a day site is great but some of the best deals never make it to the front page though. Be sure to check out the ones that haven't yet been promoted... is a new deal search engine with tagging and some social aspects.
The leading Internet shopping portal for electrical goods, office equipment, digital cameras, laptop computers, hotel booking and travel, widescreen tv's, garden furniture, mobile phones, loans, books and more.">yahoo</a>
Alex's Coupons ( is my favorite. They have coupons for over 1000 stores.
a free standard listing to the first service providing registrants between the dates of: jan. 16-jan. 31, on use promo code:freelisting. offer details @: . general site:
Check out for great deals and coupons. - Hot Stuffs on sale daily! definitely look at they take in deals from all over (e.g., dealnews, fatwallet) and users simply vote on whether they're really good or not... the good ones float to the top and the bad ones sink to the bottom. with so many 'deals' every day, it's hard to spot the good ones. these guys are trying to fix that. it's like digg meets fatwallet meets dealnews. they're brand new (still in beta as of 1/22/06) and gaining serious momentum.
New deal site launched February 2006:
Checkout for the best deals from Amazon and other stores. Great offers.
There is a site, fairly new to scene, called Really clean layout, great deals, rss feed, etc. definitely check it out.
Check out It's all about local deals at big retailers -- even grocery stores. It's pretty clean and easy to use with some cool tools as well. Check out their grocery saver link! - not a deal site, but a directory of shopping rewards. After you've found your deal, come here and find your reward from dozens of cash back, frequent flyer and savings programs.
Also has a huge rewards comparison tool for multiple cashback, points, and miles portals so once you find who you want to buy with you can see what additional rewards you can get.
One place I visit every day is I like there layout and they seem to have pretty good deals.
Daily Zort ( does one daily sports/outdoor deal a day. Kinda like woot with electronics.
Bargainstriker provides deals and percentage coupons for Electronics, Computers, Accessories and Apparel. Everything you find is over %25 off.. The mentality is - 'It's your site too'. The site takes a community approach by taking feedback (good and bad) from shoppers and molds features around what they do or don't like.
Visit Bargainstriker provides deals and percentage coupons for Electronics, Computers, Accessories and Apparel. Everything you find is over %25 off.. The mentality is - 'It's your site too'. The site takes a community approach by taking feedback (good and bad) from shoppers and molds features around what they do or don't like. is another good one
Is sister comp. of Best deals site. It has deals,coupons, upto 25% cash back on everything and 50% donation to charity. Really nice new technology deal site out there... I scored some free swag off the site including a free USB Drive! It seems ot be updated all through the day, and has some of the freshest deals.
Check out for great deals on new and used CDs.
For comparison shopping + discounts/miles/points deals, I like and
Check up, a site with a huge collection of best deals from web. I particularly liked their Computers and Outfits deals.
I just found and you forgot
Well the idea that you are "missing" our deal site would not be true- you are certainly on top of things and we are very new and still learning. However, as a deal site fan, I think you might be interested. We cater exclusively to the interests of University and College students with our deals, which range from Drom room decs to electronics. Appreciate the article. Best, Phil
I operate a shopping portal serving America, Canada and the U.K. Also offer retailers opportunity to display their sites via ppc inclusion. Regards, Dan
I found this really cool eBay Misspelling Tool at You type in the correct spelling and it searches ebay for possible misspelled listings... you have a better chance of grabbing things for really low bids because not as many other bidders are finding them!
Another great site is
did an extensive search myself, found many of the sites listed here already - but this one was missing: Looks like a nice deal aggregator with ratings and stuff.
I use I have proved myself time and again that I get better deals over there any most of the sites mentioned above. I will try new sites I found on this when I am about to buy next big ticket item.
I saw today had cardreaders for a decent price.
does anyone know what happened to most Frequently Updated Deal Site Why pay retail? Every day we search 2000+ companies for their very best sales. Tons of coupons, rebates, and hot deals are organized at the earliest time. A must visiting site for shoppers.
My favorits: Less attractive ones:
I like dealslist too. It's updated almost hourly.
You might want to check out I found that site to be very helpful Lots of free stuff! is celebrating their 1 yr anniversary today with Mystery Boxes shipped for $6. The past few weeks their "blow out" deals have been great... and sold out quickly.
Here is another goodl deal site to take a look at. ScottishWallet This site goes one step further and collects deals from "deals sites" and displays them. Clever idea!! has excellent deals
We've just recently launched Gathering deals from all over the web in one place
Another vote for ScottishWallet! (main page) (coupons)
Yo all - want to let you know about my new site...still working on it, but it a site that's designed to let you shop through HUGE amounts of stuff rapidly...hopefully I've achieved it or at least partially there. Try clicking on the 'similar products' links to swim/surf from bargain bin to bargain bin. cheers, -pherny has great coupons and deals is a deal collection site for computer parts.
Why did you forget It's a quite good web shopping site. is updated before most of these other sites..
Get deals from leading deeal sites at one place: Huge List of deals with coupons, bang for the buck.
there are some inputs: is a good site, please consider inserting into your list. Higly recommended.
The is worth to visit get best deals on the net. I have bought lot of stuff. If you get a chance, visit
You can add mine: Of course, we do have a gimick as well... Our price drops until the product is sold out! A cool pop up free site that has deals, discounts, promo codes, gift ideas. Really easy to use, too. deals from a variety of merchants, up to date
Check out for new deals found automatically before anywhere else! is a excellent site for web deals and coupons. The website have a forum for visitors and customers can check out to find out what's going on. The site have something to fill everyone needs and wants under one roof. The site is easy to use and easy to read.
I wanted to check out these deal sites. I am new to this whole "deal" concept. I know, I'm out of touch. I have been getting emails from a company called Has any one on this board heard of them, or bought from them? Thanks for any replies.
yeah, is nice shopping site There is everything on this site; from laptops to pearls by the strand and books: you name it, and it can be found here! My head is spinning, but if I were shopping this would be the place to look!., a digg style sites - deals are submitted by users and 'dealigged'(voted) to make the homepage!
Here is my input:
Most of these sites seem to have many deals, not just one. I have been checking out and a counple of the others that I might be able ot buy directly from. This atomicshopping was interesting becasue it was different. I will keep looking at your suggestions. Thanks
I usually find that eBay has a lot of deals even though they are a little hard to find. You should try out It's great at finding out the deals... based on some statistics stuff they use. It takes a little clicking around but I usually find prices that beat most others online
I like too! chooses the top 21 deals daily from many merchants. Clean design and amusing blog-style commentary.
You should also check out It is another great one deal a day site with a unique thematic approach. tries to be different buy listing only a few deals a day with a uncluttered layout. Some great deals show up there, so you could argue it's going for quality over quantity.
check out:
check out one of the fastest growing daily deal sites on the scene. check out alexa rankings and see for yourself for a company that is only 3 weeks old. the price for products sell itself.
Thanks for the great listings of online shopping sites. I wanted to let you know about my coupon mall too... - It's all about music, an eating disorder blog, shopping and resources. Hope you visit! Kindly, Geri Kalstrom
thanks for great experience We offer a gorgeous selection of Prom Dresses, Evening Gowns and Cocktail Dresses, in every style, size and colour on the Web.
Please check out my site at
it's nice of the deal site owners to spam the comments!
another vote for
I've used a couple of times - it carries both the normal sort of stuff as well as more unusual items; just bought a 7 piece leather motorcycle luggage set for $59.19, thats over $130 off MSRP!! Plus, they show a different video every day - usually pretty funny and always makes me smile. - sucks deals from One-Day-Deal websites
You can earn cash back rewards at
For all the Australian Shoppers there is a discount shopping site called which has fantastic deals.
This link here allows for a free two page fax anywhere in the US. The cool thing is you can re-use it!!
The key to deep store discounts is printable coupons and online coupon promo code offers.
You can get real deals at, an awesome deals & coupon site. Good luck every1.
I use for Canadian online shopping - it works great! Deals aggregator site Aggregates deals from across the web, but also lets users post their own deals and vote on deals they like. is a good site for tracking the deal a day sites, best site for those kinds of deals
Another site that just launched and looks promising:
This is a good one aka I bought a couple things from them and what was cool is both times my stuff shipped within an hour or so of my paying. consolidates most of the deal sites listed above all on to one easy to read site. is the first "one deal a day" website dedicated to casual PC games. is a good place, they have a top 5 list of deals , deals of the day, and a sidebar of deals just found that day before they dry up, they also have lots of links to online coupons at Lots of deals and bargains to keep a track of.
Check out - they have the most up-to-date deals anywhere.
There is a new site called that finds auction bargains on eBay then adds a funny description to go along with it for several different product categories like and
another vote for:
My vote goes to Really good because I don't know much about the technology specifications of electronics, but I know what I want from my TV, Camera, etc.
I would recommend for good deals site.
Yeah I'll agree with that on Its a pretty cool idea. You go through a questionnaire and it spits out products that are pretty tailored to what you want. I like it...
another vote for .
check out - also mostly electronics but also home supplies, tools, coupons, etc.
Check from low price 3C products.
another cool search engine for deals and coupons-
DealsLab (lovingly referred to as Deal Slab) is a great new one if you're from Canada, especially if you're from Ottawa. Awesome Site!
If you're looking for a shopping site that deals specifically with luxury and designer clothing, shoes, accessories and products... visit ... Thanks!
If you are looking for a site with deals on travel,vacation,cruise,hotesl ,laptops,computers,diamonds and much more..visit this site
You forgot
A blog with the latest free shipping deals from jcpenney, pacsun, amazon,
Here's a really good one. I think Everyone has already heard of it but I'll post it anyway. :D ????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????
SaleGrab ( ) is new but another good one. FTW Here is another site is still in it's infancy - specific only to vitamins, supplements, and sports nutrition - all the health and nutrition Deals scrapped from the web in one place.
Here is the another fresh one, check it out.
I love Dealtaker. They have the greatest freebie and deal section. They also have the BEST Black Friday forum that is already open. Check it out
I love because they have great hand picked products that they post everyday. Super cheap and great products.
Also checkout has a shopping section where it aggregates rss feeds from several deal sites into a consistant and constantly updated website.
I had been using FatWallet and BensBargains for years. But lately, been using as they have all the major deals sites in one place. I also subscribed to their instant deal alerts to avoid losing out on any deals.
here's another deal site for your list
This one is my favorite, It's quite easy to use. For example if you want a LCD HDTV, a simple search shows the following results, Want a GPS, check here, - feature product deal search with price drop alerts. Apple iPhone / iPod Touch and Desktop Browsers. is my favorite so far.
Check out Easy way to build and share wishlists. Great for building your holiday wishlists.
check out Combines deals from all top deal sites and gives you a price comparison using shopzilla along with the deals.
The Bargainist -- Much easier to read than every single one of the sites listed here.
I really like They don't always have the item I want, but when they do, I get a GREAT deal.
Great coupon site: huge collection of coupons for every store I tried. You can vote down the coupon codes that don't work, and they actually remove the expired coupons. Sort of a daily woot-off; in fact, the site is quite derivative. Still, if you know your prices, there are some great deals. Plus, shipping is always free.
Mega coupon code site: and Amazon Discount Finder
the clean bargain site What is faster than a penny rolling down a hill? (The galitziana running after it)
Check out for hot deals with no fillers. We filter out the crap and post only the best deals.
The best site to find deals, sales, coupons and much more ... got thousands of latest and greatest deals from top merchants which were processed though a rigorous scoring system and then hand picked. offers advanced search options to find the exact deals that you were looking for and using their ad book feature the deals can be delivered to your inbox periodically.
I prefer Best deals and coupons. It's user community deal place, where user has the power to post deals, coupons and earn money! Even deals sites can post deals on
Add to the daily deal sites. They specialize in rock and mountain climbing gear. Best deals for online shopping, best shopping deals, electronic deals, computer deals, latest deals, camera deals, laptop deals, and much more. This is a very good site which I noticed recently. Deals are updated everyday and they have many options such as emailing deals to a friend, deal reviews, product reviews, nice scrolling functionality, price comparison, easy to use, very user friendly, rebates, latest products, hot prices, great deals, hot deals, good discounts, cheapest deals, on sale items. They post deals on cameras, TVs, computers, notebooks, camcorders, memory, flash drives, projectors, printers, monitors, speakers, jewelry, apparel, and much more. I have this site set up as my home page and I visit it every day.
Yes. I visit It is a very nice shopping deals website. I had it as my homepage for some time, but deals were not updated very frequently then, but I have noticed a lot of improvement. Deals are updated everyday. I believe they handpick deals on a daily basis. It is a very simple site as compared to other sites that have very busy screens, complex appearances.
Found another site Right now it is updated daily. I just scan the first page every day.
There is a new blog that posts jot deals and freebies - check out
On you can setup alerts for, and it notifys you if your keywords match the woots!
Great sites you may want to check out that new Social shopping network called: too. I have a heard a lot about it because it is run by users...Register and YOU post the deasl and get commisions if you have affiliate accounts when someone clicks through and buys products YOU post. is the Best deals website, I have found. It has the hot deals on dell, HP, Thoshiba Sony laptops. The interesting part of this website is you can look the deals by category which is like big store shopping. When I got the VOIP phone connection. it worked it for me $10.00 per month with VOIP phone. I also saved at least $200 bugs on internet connection. Many things I bought through this website and very satisfied with this website. You can also check out this website with the best deals on the street. It has RSS feed option, and they update website through out the day. With the hot deals and other deals. Use this website and see how much you can save on your shopping. lists all the great deal and coupon sites. It posts the number of deals for each deal site daily.
This is all very useful. However, how do we get OUR deal onto the popular websites you mention here? Seems like the webmasters spend time searching but make it extemely difficult for a company to post/offer a great (and very popular) deal...
Thanks for maintaining this list. I find it VERY helpful. Here's a few others to try: 1) 2) 3)
Our work group has been using - probably has the broadest category coverage among all deals sites like Fashion, Home, Garden, Toys etc. besides the usual Electronics and Computers.
For hot deals, I would suggest either,, or For coupons, the best sites are and
I like and is latest deal site for most of the stuff. It works best when you?re searching for something by model # or by make and features. If you know what you?re looking for, check out DealItem. Search over 175,000 deals and coupons from most popular sites. Find latest deals and coupons updated every few minutes. Search best bargain and branded shopping websites to find all the deals and coupons indexed by Dealitem brings search not only from popular sites but also from best shopping sites so you get all the results with one click. You can also set an alert and you will receive email whenever that item is listed as deal on any one of the popular deal site.
Good deal site suggestions, is an especially good site. Good new discovery for me to check daily. is a great site for finding deals on HDTVs, digital cameras, camcorders, home theater projectors, A/V receivers, etc... By focusing on only audio and video gear, they seem to uncover deals most other deal sites miss!
also check the for the nice coupons
you can also find nice coupons and best deals at They just offer the best for customers.
you can also find nice coupons and best deals at They just offer the best for customers.
Hello, I run a coupon code and sale information site called Discount Coupon Codes, and I think it's pretty good hehe. You can view it at Thank you Leading the way in Modern and Rare Coins. Where you can get the "Right Coin At The Right Price." Check Out Our Website For all of your Coin Buying Needs. is a new deals website that I recently came across. Excellent display of deals on the front page. Deals are updated daily on the site. Categorized searching is also available. I have found that in some sites, deals are just dumped on the page as numbers whereas I noticed that deals are handpicked and only real deals/discounts are posted.
Check out for reasurant coupons, beauty products, clothes, movies tickets coupons etc I like them, I always go there for great online deals
i checked out It's pretty cool. They update everyday. I just found a great laptop deal which I bought and I love it :)
Just wanted to let you know about a FREE website that pays us cash back every time we buy something on eBay. has been around for over 2 years and eBay members have earned cash back on millions of dollars in purchases. We can also get cash back at other top retailers and earn extra cash when other people shop. Just use the link below to check it out and let me know what you think.
Check out Deal shopper Online some good deals on electronics. They try to stay priced below wholesale.
Nice, looks like started an affiliate program! - me thinks this is the best site for deals. It is convenient and has over 200 deals daily! It also has a separate section for coupons and creditcards
Check out at It aggregates a lot of other deal sites.
Check out you can see aggregated deals from many of the above sites, you can also search across these sites. The cool thing about Viddu is that it integrates these deals with price comparison, amazon reviews, see this logitech mouse for example:
I manage newly hosted deal website It has all latest and greatest deals, coupons etc. Please check this out too Thanks is a new site I just came across. Pretty good for daily deal sites. And it has a slick interface.
Fiscal Zen - combines personal finance tips and topics with daily deals. is a good deal site. Shows top deals. Not too much just enough. is an online shopping source for coupons & deals like - dell coupons, amazon coupons, coupons, staples coupon, JCPenney Coupons.
I recommend - this site pulls in all the other deal sites and finds the greatest deals & is continuously updated.
I like It has the top deals of the day, every day, from all the different daily deal and woot sites. -Annie
THIS HAS TO BE THE BEST DEAL: Get 50 dollars at deLa Floral | just now! Refer five friends to dela and get paid $50 cash. Your friends simply enter your email address as the promotion code. They'll save 10% on their order and you'll get credit for the referral. Send in five referrals and get fifty bucks cash. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, Just Because, Thanks for last night, etc....
Best site if you are looking for notebooks, laptops and travel deals.
A good site for deals is search deals, coupons on 100+ hot deal sites lists all of the deals from BensBargains,, and Deal News combined onto a single page. I no longer have to visit multiple pages just to make sure I don't miss a deal. The search box at the top of the page searches about 25 different deal sites and bring back all of the hits from all of the sites.
Here is one more site
How come is not listed!?
Checkout ( for Canadian Deals on Computers and Consumer Electronics.
I have started a new coupon/website deal site.. http://couponsaver.meI am in the process of adding a forum,but not sure to go with vbull or phbb
In this time of financial crunch I find LaughingDeals ( and invaluable source for shopping deals. I've used many deals websites but LaughingDeals is the only one which takes you straight to the best deals and vouchers. I'm sure you'll find it useful too
I just launch the dealsgal deals aggregator, which can track deals from several sites. Your one stop shop for deals.
Best deals,coupons and travel deals can be found at
Check out its a cool digg style concept for deals on the web
there's a really cool deal aggregator site that just launched called deallinker ( It does not post its own deals. Instead, it aggregates deals from leading sites such as SlickDeals and FatWallet; and then rates each one based upon popularity and then makes them available to users through an easy to use interface. very cool stuff.
Try! is also a great deal website. Similiar to but a little better IMO. New posts daily including electronics, home stuff, clothing, jewelry. Good stuff!
Check out at Best deals,coupons could be found there. dealing, Easy saving! is a great site for deals and coupons for camping and outdoors gear.
Hey! What about us teenagers? You forgot ( shopping deals on juniors clothes for college. Better than used. is giving away a $5dollar free gift card. is the way to go for deals, tracks deal sites, which makes it update more often than most other sites!
There's a new site called that's pretty cool. They have a great variety each day and they're motto is "The Early Bird Catches the Worm Deal".
There is also
There's a new site where there is a no hassle philosophy to buying, and priced at what you are willing to pay at You bid on an item. they either say deal, or no deal, and you don't get gouged.
There's a new site where there is a no hassle philosophy to buying, and priced at what you are willing to pay at You bid on an item. they either say deal, or no deal, and you don't get gouged.
If you are looking for Halloween costume coupons then check out
Need to had of all your Mac and PC needs
please add me for link exchange
please add me for link exchange
check out
Unfortunately, in just as many cases, I have found that to be not quite the case. ,
don't forget about hese!
good site.Useful tips .
good site.Useful tips .
Yes, you are missing a great site with ever changing deals and coupons - has been around for a couple of years and provides a constantly changing selection of deals on electronics, computers, travel, etc.
Check out for deals women would be interested in. is another group buying website.Have availed some really awesome deals on restaurants, adventure, fitness etc. i would recommend it to everyone. Registry Cleaner , regcure , fix my pc , Windows Registry cleaner dfvnjkfdnvkdfvndkvn Registry Cleaner , regcure , fix my pc , Windows Registry cleaner dfvnjkfdnvkdfvndkvn Registry Cleaner , regcure , fix my pc , Windows Registry cleaner dfvnjkfdnvkdfvndkvn
I had been arguing with my close friend on this issue for quite a while, base on your ideas prove that I am right, let me show him your webpage then I am sure it must make him buy me a drink, lol, thanks.

- Kris
One good deal site I just found is
Pretty slick look and good deals to.
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Check out for Canadian deals
Check out for Canadian deals
At social deal map, we aggregate social buying deals and display those best ones on a local map close to your neighborhood.
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Find coupons for Walmart, Dell, Best Buy, Kohls, CVS, Walgreens and More! Free Coupons, coupon codes, online coupons and promotional codes. Save with all stores.
Check out - they constantly have great deals posted but better yet - you can get paid by posting the deals there! Saving money is great, but making money is better!
I just checked out and I love it...thx Deal Shopper for the post! What a great idea - I'm hoping that this community will grow so I can make some money while I'm saving!
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