August 01, 2005

#The lid of my snapple tells me that an octothorp is another name for the pound / number / hash sign... the # symbol. Quite a familiar glyph for CF developers.

According to Octothorp press, the word is so obscure that it isn't even in the Oxford English Dictionary. Its also not currently found in the Wikipedia (or my spell checker).

I suppose the Octo prefix is because it has eight points.

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Cool word... I was surprised to hear that "@" is called "snail". More words like this...?
snail - I like it!
Check here http://www.gc.maricopa.edu/business/sylvester/octothorp.htm
to remove the JRun Connector Filter from the ISAPI Filters in IIS) and I did see some immrvoepent, but I was still unable to get .NET to run faster than the JVM in CF8.Interesting wonder if anyone else has tried the same thing.

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