Forbes Best of the Web

July 27, 2005

Forbes has released their best of the web for Summer 2005. Much to my surprise my dealazon blog was ranked in the top 10 shopping blogs by the Forbes Editors.

Here's their review of the dealazon blog. In it they say:

But frankly, it's unclear what the blog does differently than its parent site,, which offers better information and tons more items that are searchable by category.

I found that interesting because the difference is that the blog contains hand picked deals, rebates, and coupons. While the main site is 100% automatic, it pulls out the deals from Amazon's web services, using CFML! I don't have to do a thing except make sure the database doesn't crash.

I haven't seen much traffic from it yet, but I think they just published it. I gotta go make sure caching is on...

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Very cool-- congrads Pete!
thanks brandon!

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