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July 07, 2005

Eric Hamiter, author of several FireFox extensions is soliciting ideas for his next extension:

Lets have a brainstorming session. Ive been tinkering around with a few old ideas that are going nowhere, and its been ages since Ive released an extension. What is it that youd like to see in an extension, but doesnt exist yet?

There are over 100 comments posted so far, but if you have a really good idea I'm sure he would love to hear about it. Some of the ideas posted so far could be implemented easily with a bookmarklet, or with a greasemonkey user script.

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hi, i really would like an extension that packages up the extensions on one computer so they can be emailed to myself and easily installed on another computer. i find myself putting firefox on every new computer i sit at (2 or 3 times a year), and it's not a trivial task remembering the cool extensions you've found, and relocating them. Is this doable? i would be much obliged!! t
Make an extension that uses 404 etc error pages instead of the alert box which can get really annoying. Cheers
I would like to see an extension that minimizes the tab to the status bar of the current window, and that tab can detach and moved around or just put in the background.
ability to transfer RSS feed streight from the little orange buton in firefox to my Newsreader in Thunderbird. I currently have to bookmark the RSS feed, select propertys, copy the feed address and then paste it into thunderbird newsreader. what a pain!
I would like a completely customizable ticker. This ticker would look and work like a stock ticker. However, this ticker would include sports scores, weather information, Headline news, and so on. The person should be able to select how often each item appears either by its self or per category. For example Packer scores every 3 rotations or Sports scores every 2 rotations. There should also be an option to set a window for when an item shows up. Sports scores Fri-Sun and Stocks Mon-Fri. The person should also be able to select where this will appear. Overall, the possibilities are endless for this universal ticker.
Integrate msn messenger into a sidebar and have chats in a tab. mix the address bar and search bar into one and put that onto the tabs
i have been hoping for an MSN messenger integration extension for some time. As i'm pretty busy with uni and coursework i havent even been able to start thinking about learning how this could be done. Hope someone read this like shawns sugestion and has more skill than myself!
I'd love an extension when you right-click a picture,you can set it as your msn messenger buddy icon.
A fully Functional MSN Messenger extension. I always have FF open and i like the idea of running other programs through it to save some memory. MSN would be a good place to start, then you could intergrate YIM and AIM, maybe even Gtalk and ICQ
I agree.....but what about even a Trillian style extension that would allow for use of MSN Messenger, as well as Yahoo, AIM, or even Google Talk (which is currently not featured in Trillian)?
How about a chatzilla style extension that supports MSN, AIM, YIM, etc?
Google talk is in Trillain Pro 3.1. It works via jabber plugin.
Need an MSN forums extention to access the picture galleries in the groups because firefox won't let you use the normal editor with them.
Gaim sidebar, similar to the Skype sidebar already available.
Yeah, I would definatly love to see and AIM (and/or other instant messengers) integration, something like Netscape's.
I would benefit greatly from an extension that simulated other browsers, especially mac specific browsers; similar to the IE tab. or an extension that allowed the venkman debugger extension to work in the IE tab. that would be better than sliced bread...
It would be even better if you included AIM, ICQ, GTalk, YIM, MSN, and other messengers, plus added abilities such as talk.
Yup a messenger plug in is really a gr8 idea... and trillian would be gr8 I was also wondering if media players especially video ones could be put in a space in firefox like the sidebar or something so if u want to watch a video while surfing the web, and if u're really attahced u double click and it goes full screen, doble click again and it's back in the side with your web page, kind of like the real player browser... but with firefox it'll be revolutionary... and how about a song bird plug in, also in the sidebar... then firefox will be the only software one would need :D
I vote for a multi protocol instant messenger too. Chatzilla style. Also I reckon you should build an operating system extension then I won't need Windows. Also an extension for my brain so that I can plug it in to firefox and not have to tap on my keyboard. Should be easy now come on get to work!
Multi-protocol IM seems to be the way to go... Perhaps it could "plug-in" to an existing online multi-protocol messenger such as meebo.com (or something different even), that way you don't have to develop the protocol code, just the interface between firefox and the website
I would love to have an extension that makes Firefox load in full screen automatically when started. The extension can also have a disable option that can be accessed from the "Tools" menu.
I would like to see a sports score extension that actually works or an extensive ticker that shows news, sports, stocks, etc. that is totally customizable. The Sportsfox extension doesn't work very well and the ESPN Bottomline isn't available for Firefox 2.
Adding meebo to in a sidebar is great if I want to lose 20% of my page but I just don't use it enough. What I would like is something to ring or ding or dong (ok maybe not dong) when I have an incoming IM in my FF tab. I can have 6-8 tabs open and when someone starts talking to me in the meebo tab...the top of the tab just blinks...many times I have not sen it flickering until 5-10 minutes later. All of the other IM let you know when someone is talking to you and meebo only does IF you are engaged directly on that tab... Any ideas?
If you're still looking for a sports extension, take a look at the RUWT? toolbar. Not only will it give you scores and headlines, but it uses algorithms to hunt for exciting games like a no-hitter through 7, or a team getting upset, or a playoff game going to double overtime. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/4740
It would be nice to have an extension to add photos directly to iphoto like Safari.
hi,,, i am a great fan of tennis and auto racing. i saw that ruwt toolbar has auto racing but there is no extension for tennis.... hoping you could do something about that thanks alot
infact there is no addon for tennis .... i feel.....searched the whole web
I'd really like to have an add-on that allows me to access my MSN Instant Messenger :P ...and D: I'm annoyed that I can't use Hotmail -_- please contact my E-mail address, all you need is @hotmail.com from what I have now D:
Yes, please create a multiple IM protocol extension. Maybe you could try to integrate Pidgin.
you should make a addon that allows a user to have a side bar with there chat form aim, msn, yahoo, gooletalk and what ever else crazy im services they use. It would look just like the history bar does but have the chat and freinds all in one. maybe have a tab or one on top of the other. you make it I'll use it
I'd like to see an extension which can show you the odds on various sporting events at lots of different bookmakers, so I can choose where's best to bet on a selected event.
Hey, A couple of ideas: - I have a 22" wide screen, and it would be handy to open 2 pages at the same time next to each other without having to open a new firefox. EG:http://img410.imageshack.us/img410/4686/splitscreen2ii7.jpg - Second idea is simple, just when you are copying a .png with some trasparency file from the internet you have to save it to you computer for it to have the transparent background... so i guess a plugin that allows you to "Rightclick" > "copy .png with transparent background" Thanks, Tom
I would like to see a bookmark extension that would allow me to delete a bookmark by right clicking a tab and selecting "delete bookmark". I have hundreds of bookmarks and this would make housekeeping very easy.
to Dale: try Firefox 3 mate click the star and Remove Bookmark
How about an extension where you can integrate programs your using in a sidebar?
Tom there is an extension which allows to open 2 pages at the same time next to each other without having to open a new Firefox window. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/7327
I'd love a keyboard shortcut that copies the address bar text so you don't have to highlight and Ctrl+C to copy the text.
I have Symantec Protect Agent on my laptop. This proxy only allow Firefox to connect to internet. Any other software can not connect to internet. Can someone create an extension that will work as local proxy for internet? So that I can configure other software to connect to localhost:8080 for internet. This way Symantec Protect Agent thinks that Firefox is making internet connections. But in fact Firefox is doing on behalf of other software.
Democracy on the web is important. I wish there were an extension that gave visitors to any webpage the ability to discuss the content of that webpage with other visitors, such as there exists in Wikipedia, in their discussion/talk section. This would increase democracy, debate and networking. Some news websites have talk back/comment sections, such as the BBC, but they control which articles they allow talk back/commentary on. It would be great if one could click an extension and be able to make an independent commment and read others. Since most websites don't offer this facility, an external facility would be needed to host the comments coming from the extension.
I suggest a safety feature that gives a pop-up box asking for confirmation begore navigating away from a page that will result in losing text typed into boxes such as this one. I've nearly given up posting on boards due to the number of posts that seem to get lost becasue of accidentally navigating away with the backspace key, the enter button, or a mouse button.
I'd love an extension that allowed me to search my book marks from the Search Box - it can't be such a big deal!
An automatic retry addon. If you try to access a website and the website doesn't respond, (adjustable time) after timeout the program attempts to access the website again. The number of retries is also adjustable. This addon would have to be small, unobtrusive, and must not slow down firefox by a noticeable amount.
Stop All> I used to keep 10 to 40 tabs open, firefox opens them for me every time I start the program. however at the start those get reload creating huge traffic on my DSL so prefer if there any 'Stop All' option around. Thanx man
uTorrent throttle addon preset values, for example high and low. How it works: When you try to load a webpage, download, etc, it should throttle utorrent via the web interface and set it to minimum bandwidth so that firefox can load webpages fast. After the page is loaded, it should set utorrent throttle to the way it was.
Hey How About Mute Sound for the Browser.. Just for the Browser not mute the whole PC..
I want a search aid tool. For a decade I have been annoyed by rubbish domains that get thousands of search results into the one Google search. Google has been fixing this, but I still need to be able to block useless spam sites, not to mention the occasional site where I do not like the running opinion. What I need is a Firefox Add-on that will grey out links that I have put onto an "Ignore List". Adding links to this list should be as simple as right clicking on the link and selecting one of a few options. "Ignore Site" "Ignore Domain" and "Warn About Domain" (this last option may be another link colour like yellow in case you may want to follow a related link in the future, but want a warning that the domain has questionable use). Global blocking systems are not that useful to me as I may actually want to price compare products from a site blocked by a blocking administrator. Having personal control over what sites are blocked will give me the flexibility I need, and will speed up my online searches by a fair degree.
Idea: When you right click in the address bar, along with the standard 'copy' there could be a 'copy title and URL' option, so it puts the page title, a line break and the URL to the clipboard.

Would save doubling back when yuo want to post a link into an email or chat client and give the recipient some idea of what the article is about.

A further development of this would be when you select some text (e.g. first paragraph of an article) and right click, the context menu then let's you copy the title, URL, and selected text, again separated by line breaks.
Could you please make an addon to display the latest tennis score.
Re:my post above - seems QuoteURLText does the trick exactly as described.
My idea is to create a firefox-plugin which allows people to comment all the websites they want while browsing at the browser level without the need to sign up or log-in.

'Comment out of the box' plug-in

The user simply goes to the firefox menu bar and activates the 'comment' option. This action opens a side window (like the history one) into which the user can write comments on the particular URL/link . The comments are linked to that particular URL and saved in a central-server database.
This way people can discuss and write their opinions/comments about any website they want even to all those websites which don't have the comment option themselves.
The other part of this plugin offers a search option which allows comment-related search of links.
As a web designer I would love a guideline plugin. I usually code css with firebug / web developer toolbar, measure it, and Colorzilla. Being able to take a guide either vertically or horizontally would make firefox my ultimate web design tool. I talking about something similar to illustrators / photoshops guidelines. This way we could tell if pixel perfect designs line up.
I'd like an add on that would allow me to block some search results. A one click extension to add a search item to a "never display in search results" because there is so much lame ass crap when i search the web.

Cheers - firefox rules by the way.
I just want an internet explorer-style favourites menu. The firefox 'bookmark' thing is rubbish. How hard can it be to add a favourites menu? There should be one out there already. I just can't find it...
Ireally don't like the File/Edit/View/History(...) menu on the toolbar, it just takes too much room for something I don't use all that often. So I would like to see a button instead, and when clicked, a drop menu would offer me the File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks, Tools, Help options. This would clean up a lot of the toolbar.
firefox most important feature is it's add-ons. after installing many add-ons you get a really messy content menu(the menu that appears when right click on the page). please create an add-on that can manage content menu items create folders and add divider lines. there is already one but it sucks.
firefox most important feature is it's add-ons. after installing many add-ons you get a really messy content menue(the menu that appears when right click on the page). please create an add-on that can manage content menu items create folders and add divider lines. there is already one but it sucks.
Gmail/google voice introduced this call any US number from your gmail page which is so far very neat and totally free (sadly only works inside US as far as i know)

but, big problem is, you have to switch windows/tabs and enter the numbers u find on your browser manually, skype has a nice add-on that enables you to click on the number and it will use skype to call it. i doubt this add-on is hard to make for gmail call feature. you'd think google would have implemented it already given people use its search engine and maps to find all sorts of contacts they eventually have to call!!!

so in short: add-on to enable gmail calls via a click'n'call for numbers listed on web.
Two people who share the same computer (ie. husband/wife) will often find themselves logging out of the other person's account and back into their own. For EVERYTHING! FB, email, etc. I would like something that manages two lists of cookies within the same session. With the touch of a button, all the saved cookies get switched so that I'm immediately logged into all of my accounts, and not any of my wife's. And then that is easily reversed with another touch of a button. Possible?
One that doesn't exist anywhere. A bookmark addon that bookmarks by IP, such that the bookmark bypasses DNS when clicked. Still want the visible text the same. Nice when ISP DNS goes down. Optional feature is an IP redirect if a web link or typed URL to a bookmarked domain is clicked.
i would like to see a plug-in that enables me to flush the memory that is eaten up by pictures above viewing position. This is for example usefull for really big tumblr Gallery archives.
I've been looking for many hours now and have not been successful. What I would find extremely practical is a method to quickly insert small snippets of text into any form/text-area I come across. There should be a sidebar menu in which I can paste/write whatever I like. After pressing return there should appear two small clickable button in front of the line, the first one as use-button, the second one as delete-button.
as soon as the cursor is becoming active in a text-box/form I would like to be able to click one of my buttons and Firefox should insert my snippet wherever the cursor is.
anything that I enter into the plug-in window should be saved automatically and loaded each time Firefox is started. It should be possible to save and load snippet lists (preferably as TXT).

this might be useful for bloggers, Wikipedia/wikia contributors, forums etc. no more need to again and again type usernames, e-mail addresses, HTML tags, Wikipedia markup pieces, signatures, and other things that you have to use repeatedly.

Since I really need such solution, I reserve the right to repost this suggestion anywhere on the Internet.
an add-on that gives a context menu option to send selected text directly to a new document in Notepad. or other depending on what OS you use.
remove all cache except for specific sites

just like selectivecookiedelete but for cache with option for clearing when browser is being closed or any other kind of automation

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