Subversion commit message validator pre-commit hook

May 31, 2005

Jacques Marneweck has posted a subversion pre-commit hook that will reject any commit attempt with a commit message less than 10 characters long.

This is handy if you have developers that like to leave blank commit messages.

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hehe... and I'm one of those developers. lol Sometimes the change is so small.. I don't know what to write as the comment. :)
It comes in useful having commit messages as it's easier to determine what occured during a changeset when figuring out what what changes broke a production site for example.
If it's not worth commenting, then it's not worth committing.
If it's not worth commenting on, then it's not worth checking in.
For those who run Subversion under Windows, there's a customizable pre-commit validator tool, which validates files being commited: SvnPreCommitValidator (SvnPCV). It's written in .NET 2 C# and is open source. Available from
Hi, if i was to restrict developers in commenting on a certain syntax. Is there any other way of doing this
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