Fooling Amazon

April 21, 2005

As I mentioned the other day I ordered Mac OSX 10.4 for $95 off of Amazon. Since Tiger is not out yet, and I selected free shipping, and group my packages into as few shipments as possible, Amazon was holding the other items that I ordered and waiting to ship them until Tiger arrived.

Now Amazon did a few things wrong here - they should have shipped those other items because they were all over $25, and I could have just ordered them separately. I was going to change my order to ship items when they are available (for an extra cost) - but Amazon wasn't telling me what the extra cost was - they should have!

So what I ended up doing was canceling all items in my order except for Tiger, then I placed a new order for the other items. They will ship tomorrow with free shipping!

If this were most online retailers I wouldn't even complain, but Amazon is famous for getting the online ordering process right.

I also noticed that Amazon is featuring Tiger on their home page, and they have an article called: 10 Reasons to Upgrade.

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Your gripe about Amazon not splitting the orders is something I've encountered as well. They only suggest to place several separate orders (less convienient) and with stuff always on back-order with them its hard to tell if something ships in 24 hours or in 2 weeks.

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