Upgrade to Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger for $95

April 18, 2005

I just ordered my upgrade to Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger off of Amazon because they have a $35 mail in rebate if you order by May 1st.tiger cd

I also grabbed a copy of iWork 05 for $74, and iLife 05 for $69.99 (saving another $16). You can get some good deals at Amazon on Apple software.

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Don't forget OSX is only $69 for students and educators and iWork and iLife are only $39 each for students and educators.
I ordered my family pack on friday :) I was going to just go to the store and pick it up day of, but then I saw on the site that it was to be delivered by the release date. So i figure I will let the ups man take care of the crowds for me.

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