Linux and OS X Shell Commands

March 07, 2005

I found this site with a handy list of OS X and Linux shell commands, along with documentation.

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This is exactly what I have been looking for and criticizing Apple for not including in Mac help. Thanks.
0 12 * * * /usr/bin/top -n 1 -b -S what's the command mean to
Looks like an entry in a crontab file, search google for cron or crontab
i have a file in a directory in a server and another file in another directory in yet another do i copy or exchange files over both the servers? kindly give me the commands for unix.
Rajan, You want to use the scp command, which stands for secure copy, you use it like this: scp somefile.txt
yeah but can I use it likle it is said on ?
This is exactly good
yeah but can I use it likle it is said on ?

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