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Borland takes Strategic Developer role in Eclipse Project


Borland is taking a bigger stake in the organization it helped found, joining the Eclipse Foundation's board of directors as a strategic developer, officials will announce in a press conference Monday at EclipseCon 2005 in Burlingame, California.

You can probably expect to see more eclipse related news today as the EclipseCon 2005 Conference starts today.

I find Borland's involvement in Eclipse interesting because they make a Java IDE called JBuilder, that competes with Eclipse.

"Since joining the organization as a founding member, we've seen Eclipse evolve into something that is much more than just an integrated development environment (IDE)," said Pat Kerpan, chief technology officer at Borland. "Eclipse and IDEs in general have evolved from simply being a feature container into a new kind of development platform  a platform on which companies like Borland are building high-value ALM capabilities that make software development more manageable, predictable, efficient and successful." (Borland Press Release)

Borland Amplifies Eclipse Support (Borland Press Release), Linux Today: Borland To Expand Eclipse Projects

Borland also announced that it is going to Lead the Eclipse Graphical Modeling Framework Development.

The company also plans to expand its use of Eclipse as a platform across its Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) product line, hoping this new move, along with Borland's support for MicrosoftRelevant Products/Services from Microsoft Visual Studio, will continue to give customers stronger ALM technologies on the platforms of their choice while helping reduce the growing complexity of heterogeneous IT environments.

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Borland takes Strategic Developer role in Eclipse Project was first published on February 28, 2005.

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