Bea JRockit 5 JVM Released

February 22, 2005

Bea has released JRockit 5.0 JVM. Here is a link to some release notes.

JRockit 5.0 is a J2SE 5.0 compatible Java Runtime Environment. The JRockit JVM main design goal is performance, and the 5.0 version shows a 5-10% performance increase over their previous version on linux.

This JVM should work with ColdFusion MX/JRun, though I have not tested it myself yet.

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JRockit always has showed off regarding performance under Linux. However, the other side of the medal is, that it also requires more memory than the standard SUN VM for Linux. Under Windows, I couldn't see that much performance advantage compared to the SUN VM. Anyway, JRockit is a very good choice for the Linux platform!
Daniel, for Weblogic 8.1 hosted webapps on Windows I've typically seen performance improvements of anywhere between 15% and 30%, simply by switching from the Weblogic-bundled Sun JVM 1.4.1 to the Weblogic-bundled JRockit 1.4.1. However I've also had to deal with infrequent threading issues (spinlocks) on SMP machines as well. Still, on balance I'd say it's worth switching.
cf doesn't yet 100% support jdk 1.5 (or 5.0). i would imagine that jrocket 5.0 wouldn't work 100% either.
It's true JRockit uses more memory than Hotspot, though the difference is smaller now than it used to be. A common figure is 10% more, depending on the app. However, if you don't specify fixed heap sizes, it will be more since JRockit per default allocates a larger heap than Hotspot. Regarding performance, it depends a lot on the application, but on the 500+ benchmarks we run regularly, we beat Hotspot Server on a vast majority. Often by a healthy margin both on Windows and Linux. Regarding spinlock issues on SMP machines, we made major improvements to these algorithms last fall. These improvements are included in both our 1.4.2 and 5.0 releases. Henrik, JRockit Team
Is there any document that shows how much more memory Jrockit consumes as compared to Sun.

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did you hack my cf?