Mac OS X Multiple Virtual Desktops

February 19, 2005

One very cool feature in Unix / X-Windows graphical environments is that you can have multiple virtual desktops. Each desktop has its own windows, and you can move windows onto different desktops. With a shortcut key you can move between the desktops, this is kind of like tabbed browsing for your operating system.

My brother Steve just pointed me to a free desktop manager for Mac OSX. Its really nice, even though they claim its in alpha stage. It supports several transition modes (such as the Cube mode for fast user switching).

This utility is especially nice on my 12" powerbook, because I don't have a lot of screen real estate!

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Try this ;¬p regards
Agreed, Virtue is a lot better. Not to mention, DesktopManager requires a patch to work on intel. (DesktopManger isn't maintained anymore) DesktopManager doesn't have the features of Virtue either.
Virtue has a ton of bugs from keys not binding to random crashes.
I've been running this for a while. However I noticed in my log files the following entry everytime it loads & often when it switches desktops. "The function CGSGetElementForCStringKey is obsolete and will be removed in a Tiger update. Unfortunately, this app, or a library it uses, is using this obsolete fuction, and is thereby contributing to an overall degradation of system performance." Just thought I'd share.
Have you tried having multiple screens / monitors instead? The multi-screen setup from 9x Media is very customizable. I think it is more productive to have more monitors rather than having a lot of tabs on one monitor. Check out my triple screen setup: Totally Xtreme!
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