What IDE do you use?

February 04, 2005

Rob Rohan referenced my poll (what ide do you use?) in his presentation on CFEclipse yesterday in San Diego. And I have been thinking for a while its time to retire that one, and setup a new one. Let me first summarize the results...

Dreamweaver, 39 votes 29.77%
CFEclipse, 34 votes 25.95%
Homesite, 29 votes 22.14%
CF Studio, 13 votes 9.92%
Other, 16 votes 12.21%

Nearly 62% of the 131 responders use a Macromedia product for CFML development. Over one quarter of my respondents use CFEclipse for development. Interesting... CFEclipse has been gaining market rapidly over the last few months, I wouldn't be surprised to see a number closer to 50% of developers using it by the year end.

Just for fun, I thought I would summarize some of the other polls I have had up:

What server OS do you use? Linux 41%
What DB Server do you use? MySQL 36%
What is the most significant feature in blackstone? Gateways 34%
What is your skill level? Advanced 42%

I will put up a new poll as soon as I think of a good one... Any ideas?

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I would love to know which versions of Coldfusion most people are running now.
Yeah, What's your current CF version.. As Steve said.
I have added a new poll for whats your current version of CF
Ah bogus - well when I took the screen shot cfe was ahead :( that'll teach me to prepare a presentation a week before I am going to show it.
Rob, CFE was actually ahead for most of the time the poll was live, Dreamweaver pulled ahead at the end though...

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