ColdFusion's Future is Secure

December 20, 2004

I was just reading this article on programming language success. The article shows that successful languages (C, C++, Java, UNIX) were created by someone with a beard. Languages such as: Fortran, Prologue, Ada, Smalltalk, Objective C, all had beardless creators.

It's good to see Jeremy Allaire sporting a beard (I can't find a picture of JJ) creators of CFML. We also have to thank Ben Forta for keeping such a healthy beard. Even though Ben didn't invent CFML, he is quite involved with its design in recent years. We just need to get Mr. Buntel to stop shaving.

And if your betting your future on PHP you might want to first checkout beardless: Rasmus Lerdorf - the creator of PHP. The article also shows that the creator of C# is without beard.

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Here's what I would refer to as a likeness rather than a photo of JJ, It's rather compressed, but you can still make out JJ's clean shaven "baby face", just as I recall. Although Jeremy was looking quite scruffy, so that bodes well :)
Um, thanks, I think.
Jackpot! Better yet, get a load of the rest of the gang... You might want to get a screen shot of this before it disappears.
Ben it was a complement of course!
Since my wife hates to see me clean-shaven, you can rely on me keeping a beard too (especially if that helps ColdFusion's future!).
It appears that Rasumus Lerdorf does now have a goatee: I'm not sure where those fit in to the theory.

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