Pound - HTTP Load Balancer and Reverse Proxy

September 10, 2004

Pound is a software HTTP Load Balancer and Reverse Proxy. Pound is a really simple server that forwards HTTP requests to the proper server or servers. You can set it up to have separate servers handle different types of content, or different parts of your web application (based on the url).

Pound can also provide sticky session based load balancing based on the value of a cookie, by a url param, by a HTTP authentication user, or by client IP address. So if you need to setup a load balanced CF application on a budget you can run this with two copies of CF Professional, or BlueDragon.

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I wanna setup pound, I am new, Can some one pls tell me how to go about it. I mean step by step, Actually need to understand how will it work Thankx
So could you in theory setup 20 free Bluedragon servers, and the use pound to do basic load balancing to each of them?
Yes, you can setup multiple servers behind Pound and have the traffic load balanced. Pound reverse proxy "how to" http://calomel.org/pound.html

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