April 13, 2004

I'm working on a web services / service oriented architecture presentation for my local CFUG, and since I never got around to installing Office, I've been using Open Office.

So far I'm impressed with OpenOffice's presentation tool (called simply: Presentation I think). I find it easier to use the PowerPoint, and I don't see any reason to use power point in the future.

One area I found to be lacking was the pre-built presentation templates, there are only a few to choose from. But don't worry OpenOffice still has all the annoying features, such as animations, and transitions!

The coolest feature in my opinion you can export your presentations to swf's (Macromedia Flash), or PDF. That's nice since to my knowledge there are no free ppt viewers for OSX (that I have found anyways). You can open PPT files with OOo, but you can't them with OOo. That's not a big deal though, since swf is a better vehicle for sharing presentations on the web IMHO.

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I've prepared my last three presentations in Open Office (1.1.0 -- just installed 1.1.1, which I believe is mainly a bug-fix release) and I have had no complaints. Glad to meet a fellow Open Officer (hmm, now *that* sounds kinky!) :)
I have been trying to use the presentation feature of Openoffice but am running into a few problems. Any help on how to put Music into slide shows would be appreciated. I can insert sound files, but they do not last throughout the program. Any info on how to insert music and have it last throughout the whole presentation would be appreciated.
plz send me ppt presentation for open office in which presentation on writer,clac,ect
hi, I jsut started using open office(presentation), and Im needed to present the difference in the features of presentation and MS powerpoint. Anyone knows the differences in the features?
Pete, thanx for your post about OpenOffice. We're trying to use CF to show OpenOffice docs(.doc, .xls, .rtf, and so on) with cfcontent tag and don't have success. OpenOffice 2.0 Beta changes the default(1.1+ versions) extension crashing our app. Do you have anymore tips or ideas about this? Thanx. MD
Hi, Pete. I have the exact same problem as Michel. With OpenOffice 1.9.100/2.0 Beta my app does not work anymore. With 1.1.2 it was fine. I'm using cfcontent tag and CFMX 6.1 to display docs saved as ".doc" and ".xls" formats with OpenOffice. Any ideas? Thanks, Giovani.
Hi, open office is great. Though I'm facing the same problem as Jeff. I can't put in a music file that play throughout the whole presentation. Just for the individual slide it works. Could anyone help me please. Thanks
MUSIICC!!ineed it on the slide show,throughout the whole thing!!how do i do it??
Hi guys, I was having the same problem as you. I think i came up with a solution to applying sound to the whole presentation. When you go to 'Slide Transition' put all the requirements you want for the presentation. Then return to the first slide and click the drop down box 'Sound' in the section "modify transition". Then choose the sound you want... do not check the loop box and DO NOT press apply to all slides. This will result in the sound playing for the first slide and continuing throughout all of them. Hope this helps!
Your text is not easy to understand re OOo. Check it out and you will agree. That's pertaining to *.ppt files etc.
I have 2.3.0 with Linux Mint and have been trying to figure this out using 'Presentation' for some time, that is until now. Liam was right, for continuous sound follow his steps, don't use the 'Insert - Movie and Sound' tabs. Thank a lot Liam, you were of great help.
Thanks Liam but the only problem is the thing that usually shows up I checked the box don't show this wizard again help
Okay never mind I got it but now when I click insert>object sound is grayed out Plz Help
when looping a slide show, between the last slide and the first slide starting again I get a black screen with 'pause' and it counts down before going back to first slide, this happens on some but not all
Thanks for help Liam, I can just admit that it works
I have only one slide and I can not play music in it. Please help! I have been trying everything, but it doesn't work.
Thsnks a lot Liam , your solution did the trick buddy.. thanks a million
Thsnks a lot Liam , your solution did the trick buddy.. thanks a million
I,m trying to run a Powerpoint presentation I created using Microsoft Powerpoint in OpenOffice presentation (3.1.1)
Most functions work fine but some of the graphics (jpegs)are distorted. Is there anyway around this
Hi, I'm trying to email a slide presentation with music. In my file the music plays with the slide when I click on Slide Show, but when I send it as an attachment the tool bars, task pain, etc shows up an the music is not assigned. I can't get it to attach as a slide w/music. I have researched and tried...going crazy
Yes, but you must save it from OpenOffice in the old PowerPoint (.ppt) file format. Use File > Save As in OpenOffice to do this. Maybe some day OpenOffice will get a long dovreue update to save in standard open XML file formats.
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