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Redirect Foreign Amazon links to Amazon in your Country

Suppose your reading a book review by someone in the US, they have a link to the book on, but you live in the UK. If you have the localizer installed any link to an amazon product outside of the UK is replaced with a link to Pick your country below to replace foreign amazon links to your country's amazon.

Localizer's are provided for (US),,,,,, and

Step 1 - Install GreaseMonkey

GreaseMonkey is an extension for the FireFox browser, Install it. You will need to restart FireFox after installing the plugin.

Step 2 - Right Click on one of the links below, and select "Install User Script"

Please select the amazon locale that you shop in:

Note: To right click on a Mac - press Ctrl and Click your mouse.

Install Screen Shot

Step 3 - Refresh this page and Test it

Here are some links you can use to test it: Link to Link

Please note: Only direct product links are translated. If there is a link to an amazon category for instance these are not changed.

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