Speaking at ColdFusion Zeus Preview Event in DC

coldfusion I will be speaking at the Adobe / Carahsoft ColdFusion Zeus Sneak Preview Event on Wednesday March 28th at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Washington DC. My topic is called Boost Security Using ColdFusion Zeus: Writing Secure CFML which will cover the new security enhancements in ColdFusion 10.

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Setup ColdFusion 9.0.1 Fully Patched

coldfusion Adobe this week released a security hotfix for the HashDos vulnerability for ColdFusion versions 8.0 through 9.0.1. Today I was setting up a new secure ColdFusion instance for a client, and I though I'd document the steps needed to go from ColdFusion 9.0 to ColdFusion 9.0.

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Enabling Unlimited Strength Cryptography in ColdFusion

coldfusion java If you want to use very strong encryption in ColdFusion you may need to install the Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files in the JVM running ColdFusion.

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did you hack my cf?