10 Ideas to Improve Security in ColdFusion 10

coldfusion I do a lot of work related to security in ColdFusion and I've been keeping a list of ideas and features that could make a future version of ColdFusion more secure.

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CFMeetup Thursday: Intro to FuseGuard and Web Application Firewalls

coldfusion I will be presenting at the ColdFusion Meetup online user group this Thursday (June 17th) at Noon Eastern Time. The topic: Introduction to FuseGuard and Web Application Firewalls.

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Rerouting VPN Traffic from Cisco AnyConnect

misc I am connecting to a Client's network via the Cisco AnyConnect VPN. I'm quite impressed with the security of the client, it allows the VPN administrator to have alot of control over how the client can connect.

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did you hack my cf?