Yahoo Pipes Generates Invalid RSS Feeds

coldfusion web I was doing some regression testing today on foundeo's feed parser for ColdFusion today, and when I saw some posts today on Yahoo Pipes, so I thought I'd add one of their RSS feeds to my test harness.

When I ran the test I found that the dates were not parsing correctly.

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Use Char instead of Varchar to Store UUID's

databases I know a lot of developers like using UUID's for primary keys instead of integers. But one thing I see alot is the use of the varchar datatype to store these strings.

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Tip for Viewing Images in Eclipse

misc Here's a quick tip for those using Eclipse / CFEclipse, and would like to view images in your project from within eclipse.

Go to Window » Preferences in the Eclipse menu. Then expand General » Editors and click on File Associations.

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Application.cfm and AJAX

coldfusion I had someone email me with the following question today:

I'm developing a ColdFusion app with Prototype. Seems Ajax.updater wants to insert my application.cfm code into my div along with responseText. How can I stop this?

This question brought up two good points.

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did you hack my cf?