Trick or Treat - Web 2.0 Goodies for ColdFusion

coldfusion I am happy to announce the latest creation from foundeo: fusionKit.

fusionKit is a CD full of some handy ColdFusion components and UDF's. It is a similar concept to the DRK's that Macromedia used to sell, but is it's 100% ColdFusion.

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Subversion Book for $2.99

books I just noticed this deal on SpendFish, and I thought some of my blog readers may be interested... Amazon has the book Practical Subversion by Garrett Rooney on sale for $2.99. It qualifies for free shipping if you spend over $25 as well.

They have a few other tech books on sale for $2.

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ColdFusion Search Engine Using Google Coop

coldfusion I went ahead and started a ColdFusion search engine with Google Coop.

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Freitag Bag's Store in Zurich

misc You may remember last year I posted about Freitag ® bags a company in Switzerland that makes messenger bags, ipod sleves, wallets, and more out of recycled stuff (vinyl truck tarps, seatbelts, and bicycle inner-tubes).

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Uploading Files Like GMail Attachments

web Google's GMail has a nice way of allowing you to add multiple attachments to an email. Rather than showing you 10 file upload boxes at once, the user attaches a file, you can click a button to add another attachment.

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did you hack my cf?