MySQL FULLTEXT Indexing and Searching

databases MySQL has supported FULLTEXT indexes since version 3.23.23. VARCHAR and TEXT Columns that have been indexed with FULLTEXT can be used with special SQL statements that perform the full text search in MySQL.

To get started you need to define the FULLTEXT index on some columns.

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Agile Software Development with Jason Fried

misc I don't listen to podcasts regularly - only when I see one that looks interesting, or someone points me to one. My brother Steve pointed me this IT Conversations podcast with Jason Fried of 37 Signals, on Lessons learned while building basecamp.

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CSS Techniques Roundup - 20 CSS Tips and Tricks

web I never cease to be amazed at what problems can be solved with pure CSS.

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Best of 2002

misc I have picked up quite a few new readers over the last few months so I though I would uncover some old blog entries. I started blogging in 2002 and I wrote very few blog entries that year - but some of these entries have remained popular in the search engines.

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4 Google Tricks

web Here are four things I didn't know you could do in a google search until recently:

Fuzzy Search - Search for ~music player, and google searches for music player, mp3 player, audio player, and other words that have similar meanings to music.

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Stopping Pre Approved Credit Card Offers

misc Those of you that know me personally know that I'm a pretty laid back kind of guy. There are a few things that really annoy me - traffic, and junk mail.

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No I wasn't avoiding you

misc I just realized today that my web contact form was not working. It has been down for a few months, but I think I was able to recover all the messages. I have been replying to them...

The problem was that I had hard coded localhost as the SMTP server to send the messages to myself.

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Want additional DB or OS support in ColdFusion?

coldfusion Are you burnin' for built-in PostgreSQL support in Macromedia ColdFusion (BlueDragon already has this)? How about FreeBSD? Debian Linux Support? Fedora Support? Additional J2EE servers? 64-Bit Operating systems?

Then go and take the ColdFusion vendor support survey.

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Oblique Strategies

misc As creative professionals we are often forced to be creative. I've always found that creativity does not come naturally, you can't be forced to be innovative. Additionally we are also often tasked to solve difficult problems, where the solution is not easy to come by.

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Google Blog Search - Not Impressed

web Google has no doubt not suprised anyone with their new Blog Search BETA.

What is suprising is the search result quality. I was hoping the Google would use their immense trust of brain power to come up with a blog search that produces good accurate and relavent results. But they didn't.

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EnterpriseDB - PostgreSQL with Oracle Compatibility

databases I have been hearing a bit of buzz about EnterpriseDB latley. I think the main reason is that they just secured $7 million in venture capital funding.

What is EnterpriseDB?

EnterpriseDB is based on the source code for the open source PostgreSQL database server.

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SQL to Select a random row from a database table

databases There are lots of ways to select a random record or row from a database table. Here are some example SQL statements that don't require additional application logic, but each database server requires different SQL syntax.

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Howto Create an RSS 2.0 Feed

web If you can learn HTML, you can easily learn how to build your own RSS 2.0 feeds. I'll take you through the steps to creating an RSS feed from scratch.

Step 1: XML Declaration

Since RSS 2.0 must validate as XML, the first line in your rss feed must be the XML declaration.

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Google Sitemaps Accepts RSS and Atom Feeds

web In addition to Google Site verification I also noticed today that Google sitemaps is now accepting formats other than their sitemaps protocol schmea.

Google sitemaps now accepts RSS 2.0 and Atom 0.3 feeds.

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Google Site Verification

web I just noticed today that you can verify that you own a web site from within the google sitemaps website. The process is simple - Google will tell you to create a file on your site (something like /GOOGLEea6f95a80579477e.html), then they check to see if its there.

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Build a directory browser with ColdFusion

coldfusion Most web servers have directory browsing disabled, but sometimes you want it to work for certain directories. Most web servers also allow you to setup specific settings for your directories for instance you could do it with an .htaccess file on Apache.

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RDS Security Problems?

coldfusion Erki Esken posted a comment on Ben Forta's blog asking if the source to the RDS plugin for Eclipse would be released. Forta's response was:

"But, my gut feel is that it would not be a good idea to fully expose the source for RDS as that may create potential security problems.

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Cheat Sheet for PostgreSQL

databases When I created my list of cheat sheets for web development last week, I left out PostgreSQL. Frank Reiser, asked why it was left out - and the reason was simply that I couldn't find one.

Being a PostgreSQL fan, I decided to create a cheat sheet for postgresql myself.

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Temporary Stored Procedures on SQL Server

databases I posted about doing fast bulk inserts with PostgreSQL last week, and with MySQL a while back. Now its time for Microsoft SQL Server.

I'm using a technique similar to what I used for PostgreSQL for SQL server.

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SQL Server Express 2005, Finally Installed


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I got'd

web Though it doesn't have quite the same allure as getting slashdotted, getting'd can also draw quite a bit of traffic.

I posted a Cheat Sheet Roundup to my blog last thursday around 4pm EST. It made it to the page in a few hours, and has been on there since.

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A whole new kind of CFM

misc I learned about a new kind of CFM yesterday - cubic feet (of water) per minute.

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Cheat Sheet Roundup - Over 30 Cheatsheets for developers

apple coldfusion databases java linux web Lets face it, unless you have a photographic memory, no developer can remember all the different functions, options, tags, etc. that exist. Documentation can be cumbersome at times, thats why I like cheat sheets.

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did you hack my cf?