National Bike to work day

misc Today is national bike to work day (sorry I meant to post this yesterday). I work from home right now so I had a short commute, but when my office was closer I biked to work as much as possible.

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coldfusion We just signed up as a sponsor for CFUN '04 (June 26,27 in Rockville, Maryland). Be sure to stop by our booth and chat. See you there!

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Google GShares?

web When I saw the title of this post: Google GShares I thought that Google was launching a network share file storage service like Xdrive.

The post had nothing to do with storage. But I think this is something Google will eventually do.

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Bookmarklets and Search Plugins for

coldfusion java Many people have been posting bookmarklets for searching, and some have asked about a Mozilla/Firefox search plugin. So I though I would create a bookmarklets, and mozilla search plugins page.

This page has bookmarklets that work in IE, Mozilla, FireFox, and Safari.

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java I am launching today! The site is strikingly similar to my site for CFML, but just as useful.

The site is basically a URL shortcut to java documentation, for example if you want the documentation for the String class, simply type:

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Getting the TimeZone Name

coldfusion CFML's function GetTimeZoneInfo will give you timezone offsets, and day light savings time information, but if you want the name of the timezone your ColdFusion server is in you can use java's TimeZone class:

<cfset tz = CreateObject("java", "java.util.

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did you hack my cf?