Signing and Encypting Email

web Many people don't realize that you can get a free certificate for digitally signing and encrypting email. Thawte is one company that offers a free email certificate service. Once you have the cert its fairly simple to sign or encrypt email.

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Happy Earth Day!

misc Today is Earth Day, here are some interesting earth day links for you to explore:

Earth Day Network - Earth Day events and resources.

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PostgreSQL vs MySQL vs Commercial Databases

databases There is a good article on devx comparing the technical features of PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Commercial Databases.

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Page 23

books Nathan told me to:

Grab the nearest book.

Open the book to page 23.

Find the fifth sentence.

Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

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Clarifying Verity Support in Linux

coldfusion There is a post on the CF-Linux mailing list about support for Verity on Linux. The post started with a message by Doug James posting a response he received from Macromedia stating that RedHat AS 2.1 is not a supported platform for Verity on Linux:

"Unfortunately, RedHat Advance Server 2.

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Sun Java Studio Creator

java Sun recently released an early access version of their WYSIWYG Web Application Development tool Java Studio Creator. I downloaded it yesterday, and played with it for a bit.

My first impression was that it is very similar to Microsoft Visual Studio.NET's WYSIWYG application builer.

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misc Amazon has launched a search service based on google, and it looks pretty slick. One nice feature is emailing search links: would be the link to a search for ColdFusion.

A9, a new search service from Amazon, has launched in beta.

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Expose for Windows

misc Exposé is definitely my favorite feature in OSX, and just the other day, I found a

Windows version of Exposé called iEx.

iEx does the job, but it can be a bit flaky.

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Refreshing Web Service Stubs in CFMX

coldfusion I'm just reposting this gem that Brandon Purcell posted a while back on Refreshing Web Service Stubs in ColdFusion MX. If you haven't seen it yet, and your working with web services in CFMX you will enjoy.

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misc I'm working on a web services / service oriented architecture presentation for my local CFUG, and since I never got around to installing Office, I've been using Open Office.

So far I'm impressed with OpenOffice's presentation tool (called simply: Presentation I think).

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Parsing RSS 1.0 with ColdFusion MX

coldfusion Well thanks to Sean Corfield I understand why I was having issues with namespaces when trying to parse RSS 1.0 with XPath.

If you have a document with namespaces such as RSS 1.

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RSS and XPath

coldfusion I came across a handy reference article on today that gives XPath queries for RSS and Atom feeds. Just last week I was attempting to parse a RSS 1.0 feed in CFMX using the XMLSearch function. I'm running into problems however due to the name spaces in RSS 1.

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Most Important Operating System - not Windows!

misc Bill Hill from Microsoft discusses the most important operating system.

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did you hack my cf?