Working with PostgreSQL

databases I'm working on migrating a SQL Server database to PostgreSQL. So far it has gone smooth, I did run into two issues today however.

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Clustered JDBC

databases Here's an open source project that CFMX and J2EE developers will find interesting: c-jdbc which stands for Clustered JDBC.

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ColdFusion Conference on a Boat

coldfusion Actually it's on a large boat, a cruise ship and will be sailing in the Caribbean! You have until thursday (5/1/03) to signup, there is still some room left for you.

I'm ofcourse talking about the 1st.

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Macromedia Central, and Synchronized Applications

web Macromedia has a presentation about the upcoming Macromedia Central platform.

The presentation notes that there are 750,000 Flash developers, and there is a $2.2B market for these "Permium Internet Content Applications" (Jupiter Research).

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Microsoft Research

web You can find lots of research infromation from the Microsoft Resarch web site. Microsoft funds quite a bit of research, and works with universities a lot. You will want to check out the projects page that lists all the projects they are or have worked on.

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New ColdFusion MX book published

books coldfusion A new ColdFusion MX book called The ColdFusion MX Developers Cookbook was recently published by SAMS. I Co-Authored the book with Brad Leupen, and Chris Reeves.

The main difference between this book and other ColdFusion books is the format.

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Returning TOP N Records

databases Returning only the first N records in a SQL query differs quite a bit between database platforms.

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SourceForge has RSS feeds

web SourceForge, the huge repository for open source projects now has RSS feeds for each project including Project News, File Releases, Documentation, and project summary. This must be a new feature, I haven't noticed it in the past, but I could be wrong.

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Server side Flash Detection

coldfusion It would be useful if it worked reliably. According to the Flash 6 release notes "The player installation process now configures the browser to add the Flash MIME-type (application/x-shockwave-flash) to the HTTP Accept header. This enables server-side Flash Player detection.

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Free ColdFusion Magazine

coldfusion There is a free monthly ColdFusion magazine in the works. You can signup to receive it throught the web site. The magazine is being put together by Pablo Varando of

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Confirming Transaction support

coldfusion databases Want to know if your ColdFusion database driver supports transactions (the <cftransaction> tag)? I was wondering how I might test this, and I came up with a solution.

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Fast XSLT - Compiled XSL with XSLTC

web An article on - Fast XSLT talks about the race for building faster XSL transformers. One approch focused on is generating a "translet" (a java class) from the style sheet, then executing the compiled class. Compiled execution is great, but compiling isnt.

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More bashing

linux Thanks to my brother Steve, I was able to get my backtracking cd to the way I wanted it to

Just add the following to your ~/.

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Using CustomTags in ColdFusion

coldfusion Using custom tags in the presentation layer can greatly organize your code. Here's a quick start guide that I wrote up. Building a simple ColdFusion custom tag is as easy as:

A simple custom tag

create a file called todaysdate.

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Backtracking with bash

linux I was working with linux quite a bit today, and frequently changing between directories, when I wondered if there was a way to go back to the directory I was in previously.

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did you hack my cf?