Apache Module source code included in Updator 3

coldfusion linux Damon Cooper (of Macromedia) pointed out today on CF-Linux:

"By the way, you guys knew that source code and build instructions for the Apache web connectors was now included, correct?

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Right Click - Edit with Notepad

misc Developers and system administrators often need to open files of types that aren't mapped to a particular program. This ofcourse requires that slow "Open With" window to pop up. A trick I recently found is to add a shortcut to the right click menu, to open files with notepad.

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Backing up ColdFusion Datasources

coldfusion If you want to backup datasources on ColdFusion 5 and below on windows, backup the following registry keys:

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Heading North

coldfusion I'm heading to Toronto today for MXNorth. There will also be two other people from CFDEV there (Greg, and Rob). We are sponsering Friday's lunch, and we also have a booth, so stop by and chat with us.

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Macromedia got a new site

web I realize I'm a day late on the news here, but I'm quite impressed with the amount of feedback Macromedia's new web site has generated. Just about every mailing list I'm on has a large tangent oriented thread that started with a mention of the new site.

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did you hack my cf?