www is deprecated

web According to this site www. is deprecated. They are trying to persuade people to use site.com instead of www.site.com. The site defines three levels of compliance: Class A your site allows either, Class B your site redirects all www requests, and Class C your site does not define the www subdomain.

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More new products at CFDEV

coldfusion web Some aggregators picked up an old post of mine about new products but the funny thing is I actually do have some new products to tell you about. The problem was caused because I was importing some posts from my old blog, and I messed up on the date for that one.

We released ActivEdit 4.

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Cool trick in Konqueror

linux There is a handy feature built into Konqueror (KDE's web browser) on linux. When you highlight a word or sentance and click the mouse wheel (or middle button) it does a google search on the selected text.

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Tim Fanelli's blog on Java

java If your a Java developer you may be interested in a good friend of mine's new blog: Tim Fanelli's Development Blog. I worked with Tim on several project's when I was at Clarkson University, he is one of the best developers I have ever worked with.

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Making Jar files Run

java I recently had to reinstall my OS, and more recently had to use a Java Application called JEdit. JEdit's installer didn't create any shortcuts for me, so I had to run JEdit from the command line by invoking it's jar file with java -jar jEdit.jar.

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Better looking Java Apps

java One of the annoying things about GUI applications written in Java is that they do not conform at all the the Operating System's look and feel. As a result Java applications not only feel slow, but also look like an application that you should run on Windows 95.

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Apache mod_rewrite problems with ColdFusion

coldfusion linux I have been trying to find the answer to an Apache mod_rewrite problem when using CFMX 6.1. I asked both the cf-linux list, and the cfguru list with no avail (Sean Corfield did suggest using mod_proxy to marshal requests to CF's builtin web server, but that was not ideal for my configuration).

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Welcome to my new blog.

misc I've just started notifying people of my new blog address today (petefreitag.com). I have setup two RSS feeds, the first petefreitag.com/rss/ has all categories, and the second feed petefreitag.com/rss/web/ will only have topics that web developers will care about.

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DNS Stuff

web Here's a handy site for system administrators, and other such people: dnsstuff.com. It has several web based dns and ip lookup tools. One handy one is the ISP cached dns lookup. This is handy for testing round robin dns, and also to see when your dns changes take effect, here's a lookup of www.

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did you hack my cf?