ColdFusion Code Review Tool now $50

coldfusion I lowered the price on our ColdFusion CodeReview tool today to $50 (from $200 per developer)! The tool can find problems in your code (such as lack of CFQUERYPARAM, or SELECT *), and you can also easily define your own rules in just a few lines of code.

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Amazon's Search Inside the book

misc Amazon is now offering full text book searching, they call "Search inside the book".

Starting today you can find books at based on every word inside them, not just

the author, or title keywords.

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Top 3 differences between PostgreSQL and MS SQL

databases I recently switched a database server from Microsoft SQL Server over to PostgreSQL.

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What Every Software Developer Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets

web Joel Spolsky has a good article titled: The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets (No Excuses!).

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ColdFusion Training

coldfusion I recently learned of two resources for developers looking to improve their ColdFusion skills:

ColdFusion Training ( - Webucator provides customized onsite ColdFusion training an At-Your-Own-Pace online ColdFusion courses.

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HackNotes for Linux and Unix

books linux There is a review of HackNotes Linux and Unix Security portable reference on slashdot. Looks like a pretty good book, I know that the CodeNotes series are good concise references.

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Using Ant to test Concurrency

web Apache Ant is an awesome tool for creating batch builds, and doing all sorts of automated tasks. It was designed to replace make files, but you can use it for lots of things, as my example will show.

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did you hack my cf?