FTP Scripts on windows

misc I found this Microsoft KB article today 96269 which shows you how to use the ftp program that comes with

all versions of windows an automate a file transfer.

ftp -s:script.txt ftp.server.com

The contents of script.

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CFMX works on Redhat 8

coldfusion linux I am subscribed to the CF-Linux list hosted at houseoffusion.com and I see a lot of people having problems installing CFMX on linux. Especially on Redhat 7.3. Macromedia has said that there were problems related to Java in RedHat 7.3 and urged customers to use RedHat 7.2.

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ColdFusion 5 on Windows .NET Enterprise Server RC1

coldfusion I tried installing CF5 a the release candidate of Microsoft's next server platform .NET Server, the results - negative.

Ofcourse my first hint should have been when I first ran setup.exe it told me I was attempting to install ColdFusion on an unrecognized version of windows.

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did you hack my cf?